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Quads on Fire

Once, a long time ago, I ran for the sheer joy of it.  To feel the wind in my hair and to hear the rhythmic pounding of my feet.  It made me feel good and even powerful.  And it came easily – just pull on the shoes and go.  It got away from me for awhile, and then after the birth of #1 I picked it up again briefly.  Cooper, our beloved golden retriever, was my partner and he’d do the happy dance every time I opened the closet door and grabbed the shoes.  Then I turned an ankle, and then was pregnant with #2, and it went away again.

A couple of years after #3 I discovered ballet (read all about it and also really got into weightlifting.  And I mean really.  I lifted five or six times a week and the results were pretty dramatic.  I was feeling pretty good about myself – especially my nicely sculpted arms and legs.  This too went away after a couple of years.  I plateaued and it just wasn’t as fun anymore.  Once a week ballet class was pretty much my only exercise for many more years.

Enter Boomer, our highly energetic Airedale.  We quickly discovered that walking him daily made everyone much happier.  I worked up to about three miles a day and usually we went every single day, rain or shine, freezing or sweltering.  Developed a nice little walking club with some of the neighbors.  Hubby bought me these rubber spikey things to put on my boots in the winter so I didn’t slip on the ice (they are awesome!).  Good for Boomer, good for me.  But walking is only walking, and I was noticing more sag and jiggle than I liked.  So I made the decision to add running back in, at least three days a week.

Took Boomer with me for the first time yesterday.  Did my 2.5 – 3 mile walking loop (the distance depends on if you go around every court or not – I did NOT do any courts yesterday) and alternated walking briskly and jogging every couple of minutes, starting and ending with walking to warm up and cool down.  Made several decisions: 1.  I am definitely going to stick with this; 2. get better shoes immediately; and 3. Boomer is a great walking partner but a poor running one.  He likes to stop way too much, and randomly crosses in front of me.  We will stick to walking.

Upon posting to my FB page that I was resuming running I received lots of positive feedback.  One gave me a link to a great website (  It gives you weekly schedules for running, 3x a week, that works you up to 5K (approx. 3 miles) in 8 weeks.  Another friend recommended doing an actual 5K race, saying it really brought her a sense of accomplishment.

Last night I was ready to take on the world, but this morning I am barely moving – the quads are not yet on board.  But they’ll get there.  Oh yes they will.


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