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The Big Squeeze

Finally got around to having my first mammogram.  Yes, I’m aware that I’m more than a few years overdue for a baseline – save your lectures.  Chalk it up to laziness for the most part.  I only see my primary care physician once a year because the husband’s health insurance requires it.  So when she would hand me a sheet saying call for yet another appointment, it was very easy to set it aside and forget about.

Did the same thing this year, but apparently they’re on to me.  Last week got a call saying your doctor wants you to have this done and can you come in next week?  See, if you make it that easy for me, of course I’ll come in!  And I did.

Initial thoughts:

1. Owie!

2. There has got be a better way.

3. These thoughts then repeated on a loop until …

4. Whew – it’s over.  And not THAT bad, just – uncomfortable.

So if you haven’t gone in yet, just do it.  It really isn’t that bad and took only a few minutes.  That being said, since #3 wants to go into biomedical engineering, I need to steer her in the correct direction to invent a better mammogram.  Because there really ought to be a better way, don’t you think?


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