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Round 3

Ding, ding, ding!  Today is Round 3 of interviews for a job I halfheartedly applied for a couple of weeks ago.  I almost didn’t even bother to read the posting because the job title sounded very junior (Assistant).  I did read it though, and it actually sounded kind of interesting – and not at all junior.  It’s also part-time – 20 hours a week – which would be great in the summer.  Well, it would be great anytime.  I’ve worked part-time and full-time and can honestly say that full-time sucks.  Big time.  I don’t know how people do it!  The only thing I liked about it was the salary.

Which brings me back to being being halfhearted about this opportunity.  Half-time means half-salary.  And, since money hasn’t been discussed yet, I’m afraid their idea of half-salary may be considerably lower than mine.  And even if we’re on the same page, it still won’t be anything to write home about. But it shouldn’t just be about the money, right?  It should be about enjoying your work, personal satisfaction, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Yet with three kids galloping towards college, I feel like I should be trying to earn as much as I possibly can, i.e. suck it up and work full-time.

I probably shouldn’t get ahead of myself – after all, they haven’t made me an offer yet.  Don’t want to jinx anything.  And, if I’m completely honest with myself, I really do only want to work part-time.  During my full-time stint I felt like my home life was falling apart.  I was disconnected from my kids’ activities, and because of a long commute, usually got home after everyone else ate dinner (no, it wasn’t usually possible to wait for me – remember the part about activities?).  Not to mention the housework that piled up or simply didn’t get done.  Ack.  I’m breaking out in hives just thinking back on it.

Right now, part-time is just a better fit for my sanity and my family.  A few more years down the road and full-time will probably sound great – and this sounds like something that could become full-time.  So I’ll put my best foot forward and hope for the best.  The power of positive thinking and all that.  Wish me luck!

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  If money were no object would you work part-time or full-time?  Would you work at all?


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One husband, three kids, two cats, one dog. Just trying to get through the week while allowing myself one nice glass of wine per night.

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  1. Part time for sure!

    Enough time to get out of the house(hold), but more time with family. All the money to spend on the right things, and more time to enjoy it all. Pretty easy choice for me…


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