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Things My Kids Say

Sometimes they crack me up, sometimes they make me cry and sometimes they make me feel old.  And sometimes they even make me feel like I must be doing something right.

#1, on a hot, steamy July day in Michigan as we are preparing to leave for a dance competition in Orlando:  “It better not be like this down in Florida.”

#2, in the car, answering a query as to who was on the radio:  “It’s Nippleback.”  And a short time later, #2 again:  “He’s my breast friend.”  (uh, got something on your mind, son?)

#1, while we are having pork chops for dinner:  “Good chicken.”

#1, the day after senior prom: “That was so much fun!  I want to have prom every weekend!”

Technically not my kids, but I was the carpool mom this day:

#2’s friend, carpooling for hockey: “Hey, hey guys!  What’s the number before infinity?”  Followed immediately by, #2’s friend’s twin brother: “You idiot, it’s infinity – we don’t know!”  1st friend, “Duh, I KNOW we don’t know infinity, but what’s the number right before it?”  (Almost drove the entire carpool off the road after that.)

#3 to #1, who was having a crisis and was nearly hysterical:  “Don’t make decisions when you’re angry.  Don’t make promises when you’re happy.”

#1, to me:  “#3 is so smart.  I was really upset, and she said the best thing to me (see above).  It really helped me.”

#3, to me, after being queried about these words of wisdom:  “It’s just something I saw on Facebook!”

#1, as I groaned my way up the stairs after bashing my knee:  “Geez, Mom, how old are you, anyway?”


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One husband, three kids, two cats, one dog. Just trying to get through the week while allowing myself one nice glass of wine per night.

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