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They Kill Vampires, Don’t They?

I have always been fortunate in that when I’ve needed a job, something has always worked out.  This year though my luck has run out, and I’ve found myself dedicating many hours a day to THE JOB SEARCH.

It hasn’t been completely fruitless.  I’ve had quite a few interviews, been really close a couple of times, and was a finalist for what would have been my dream job (that one hurt).  Now that the SEARCH has dragged on to the end of the school year, I’m admittedly not pursuing leads quite as hard – it will be kind of nice to have the summer off.  Still looking, but not frantically tweaking cover letters and resumes at the same pace as I was.

It’s not just the nicer weather, though.  I need the mental break.  As anyone in a similar position can attest, it’s so very stressful to be looking for a job.  Everyday I’m thankful that my husband is the primary breadwinner and the loss of my income is not a make it or break it deal.  Not that we don’t miss it, but we’re ok.

But it’s hard hearing the same questions over and over again, and trying not to sound like a robot in answering them. The temptation to make a list of top 5 questions asked and record myself answering them was strong.  Just send it along with your resume and save everyone some time.

It’s hard summoning enthusiasm for each and every phone interview, and each and every in-person interview – even for jobs I’m sincerely and seriously interested in.

It’s hard trying not to be insulted when the hiring manager tells me she doesn’t think I’m up to the demands of this particular job because it’s full-time,  requires a lot of attention to detail and the ability to prioritize and juggle many ongoing, simultaneous projects.  What came out of my mouth was, “I’m sure I’m up to the challenge.”  And I smiled.  What was raging in my head was, “Well, eff you, lady.  If doing the same job previously (although part-time), while running a household with three very busy teenagers – all with different activities and schedules – AND volunteering for said different activities, AND managing my own freelance business doesn’t qualify as able to handle full-time, you can shove it.  Frankly, full-time would be a vacation.”  *sigh*  Cross that one off my list and no thank you/follow-up email for you!

It’s hard trying to stand out when the economy has forced so much competition for every single stinking job posting.

It’s hard not to just scream, “Hire me!  I promise to work hard and reward your faith in me.  Just pick me already!!!”

It’s hard seeing/hearing/answering the same trendy/current terms over and over and over again.  For example, stakeholder.  No, not a new term per se, but sure getting a lot more use than it probably needs.  Recently an interviewer asked me how I would keep company stakeholders updated and informed.  The next several questions also dealt with answering to stakeholders.  After hearing the word stakeholder 10 times in 10 minutes, my brain went poof.  All I could think was, stakeholders?  What do stakeholders have to do with anything?  They kill vampires, don’t they?

And I knew it was probably time to take a little break.


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